Sangeet Aashram

Sangeet Aashram is an established and well known institution in the area of music. Its aim is to develop, teach and spread the latest techniques of music. Another important role of this institution is to bring amateur and new artists on stage for recognizing their identity in the area.

For achieving its aims, the institution has, to some extent, earned sucess through Doordarshan and Stage programmes. 'Telecasting on Doordarshan of National- Patriotic Songs, Special Holi Programmes - 'Phir Dekh Baharen Holi ki; `Anmol Ratna' programmes of the institution in 'Yuva Jagat' 'Literacy', Programmes tefefilms on `AIDS' ailment are its testimonies.

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Dance & Music Academy

Natraj Dance & Music Academy

(A Unit Of Sangeet Aashram)

Natraj Dance & Music Academy Unit Of Sangeet Aashram in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur is amongst the revered academies for dance. A team of instructors trains a plethora of students in a variety of dance forms. This school is also instrumental in organising a host of events followed by fests that feature stage shows

Natraj Dance & Music Academy Unit Of Sangeet Aashram in Vaishali Nagar conducts clases for various dance forms including Bollywood, B-Boying, Hip-Hop, Locking Popping, Zumba, Kathak, Salsa, Contemporary and Hula Hoop. Catering to almost all age groups, there are special batches for KIDS at this dance studio.

All Other Indian Regional Dance