Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure

1. admission to a class the candidate should apply on the prescribed form.

2. The forms can be obtained from the Institute office on payment of Rs. 350/- dot-mg working days between 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM.

3. The applicant must furnish attested copies of the following documents along with the admission form.

  • Mark Sheet of last qualifying examination.
  • Certificate/Mark Sheet of Secondary Examination.
  • Transfer Certificate from the institution last attended.
  • Character Certificate from the institution last attended.
  • SC/ST Certificate (for SC/ST candidates only).
  • Income Certificate (for claiming concession in tuition fees).

4. Incomplete forms in any respect will not be accepted.

5. Names of the students admitted to a class will be displayed on the notice board on the specified date.

6. Students should deposit the fees on the dates specified for this purpose. Admission of the students who fail to deposit the fees by the specified dates shall stand cancelled and the candidates lower in merit will be given chance. .

no extension will be granted for depositing the fee student getting admission should obtain their identity card form the institute office they should always keep it in their possession and produce when asked for..


The following categories of students will not be eligible for admission

(A). Candidates who are declared fall In the last examination

(B). Candidates who are detained from appearing at an examination on Account of shortage in attendance

(C). Candidates who did not take an examination after completing the attendance and thereby' could not clear the examination.

Following cases of Students shall not be given admission in any case.

(a). Any candidate against whom F.I.R. has been lodged by the principal or any other authority.

(b). Any candidate who has been convicted of a criminal offence involving moral turpitude.

(c). Any candidate who had indulged himself/herself in misbehaviour with any teacher or with any authority/official of the school.

I Declare That

(i) I have not been convicted of any criminal offence nor I have been released on bail in connection with a criminal case.

(ii) No case of criminal offence or moral turpitude is pending against me in any Court of Law

(iii) No complaint of F.I.R. has been lodged against me by the principal or any other competent authority.

(iv) I have not resorted to any ac-t of indiscipline during the previous year, and

(v) I know that I am required to complete 75% attendance for appearing at the examination.


1. Incomplete admission forms may be rejected without information to the candidates.

2. Principal has powers to refuse/cancel any admission without assigning any reason.

3. Students indulging in criminal acts . or grave misconduct or misbehaviour with teachers or employees of the institution or with other students will be dealt strictly.

4. The student. are expected to keep their material lock and key The institution will not he responsible for any loss by any means.

5. Students required to bring their own material for classwork.

6. All information /orders to the students will be displayed on the notice-bord student will be bounded by those information and orders.

7.Over stay in the classroom will not be permitted without the written recommendation and presence of the concerned teacher who will remain present with the student.

8. Principle has the power to make change in the information contained in the prospectus through notices displayed on the Notice Board.

Admission Rules

Admission will be done as per merit of the Senior Secondary Examination and the preferences for specialization subjects given by the candidates in the application forms shall be strictly followed. After admission, change of subject will not be allowed.

For a gap of more than two academic sessions after passing the eligibility examination, admission will not be allowed to candidates.

Merit lists of all the eligible candidates will be displayed on the notice board. Candidates should see these lists on the notice board time tee time.

Candidates in the merit lists will be called for interview/verification of documents on a notified date and time, where candidates will be required to produce and deposit all the original documents. Thereafter, the candidates will be given admission as per his/her choice of department subject tee the availability of seats in the departments/subject.

Please note that candidates should bring with them the necessary fees. They will be required to deposit the fees just after the interview. Candidate not depositing the original documents and the fees will lose his/her chance of admission.

Enrolment, Attendance And Examinations


No one shall be admitted to any examination of the University unless enrolled as a student of the University. The enrollment fee shall be Rs. 100/- and shall be paid once only, irrespective of the number of times the candidates appear at an examination of the University or whether he/she appears as a regular student or an ex-student.


A candidate attending a regular course of study shall be required to put in 75 percent of the lectures, tutorials and practicals delivered. A candidate who fails to put in the required minimum attendance shall be detained from appearing at the examination.


Examinations are conducted according to Syllabi prescribed for the different courses. Students are advised to purchase a copy of latest syllabus of their courses and to acquaint themselves with the rules and regulations,

Disciplinary Action

1. When a student has been accused guilty of serious criminal charge(s), grave misconduct, persistent negligence of work or misbehaviour, the Principal will suspend a student forthwith from attending the classes. During the period of suspension the will not be allowed to participate in any activity of the school including appearing in the examinations.

2. Soon after suspension, the case will he referred to Discipline Committee constituted for this purpose. The Discipline Committee will meet and after due consideration recommend suitable punishment which may include fine or expulsion for a fixed period/permanent or both The punishment will be implemented by the authority which has suspended the student.

3. If a criminal case has been so registered in a Court of Law by the Police (State) the student shall be suspended immediately pending enquiry.

4. No student who has been so suspended or expelled shall be admitted to any other college/teaching unit without permission of authority who suspended/expelled him.

5. All cases of indiscipline shall be reported to the parents/guardians of the concerned student.

6. If any student damages the property of the institution, in addition to the disciplinary action. the student or his parents shall be required to compensate the damage occured